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What is the Brianza?

The origin of the name has celtic root, from “Brig” that means height, hill. Initially it was given only to the hill that still has the name BRIC, only in middle age was assumed also from all the surrounding region that conserves however the characteristic of being hilly.

Where is the Brianza?

The Brianza region is extended from East with Adda river and the Lambro river to the West and from the city of Lecco to North to Monza to South, even if today the concept of Brianza has increased and comprises an area that is extended from Como till Milan. The territory “brianzolo “ is part of four provinces (Milano, Como, Lecco, Monza and Brianza). Brianza is famous for the great working capacity of its citizans ( and it is a rich area of natural resources and historical interest. Earth of mulberries and silkworms and also of optimal silkworm breeders, prestigious villas, splendid garden and sages countryman-gardeners who made Brianza as the “Garden of the Lombardy”.

Which are the historical origins?

The Brianza has seen to slide historical moments key of which they remain signs and testimonies. To the fall of the roman empire the advent from north of the Longobardi people (Longobardia) and the spread of the Christianity, substantially change the customs of the region. Key personage of period (589) is Queen Teodolinda who installed herself in Monza and built a new palace and the Basilica to Saint Giovanni Batiste in which the Queen collected many wealth that in the time have become the famous treasure of the Dome of Monza, together to the cross “of Berengario” and the Iron Crown that is made to go back to the other period of grandiosity for Monza with the king Berengario (Xsec.). In the Middle Ages the Dalla Torre and the Visconti are succeeded until time when Sforza family take the power and maintained till 1500, when the king of France Luigi XII appropriates the Ducato of Milan. During the period of Sforza the way has been given to the culture of the silk that always characterizes the Brianza region. The French phase lasted little years and after the Spanish domination came. In following years the Brianza becomes a sort of refugee for the reach Milan families of traders and barons. The tendency to construct villas for the vacations is strengthened in the course of the seven hundred, giving origin to the aristocratic dwellings called “Villas of delight” that culminates with the construction of Villa Reale in Monza andl its famous Park.
Its natural capital, therefore, is without doubt Monza. In particular the Automobile race track of Monza is reachable from the Il Colombé in 15 minutes by car and 30 minutes with direct bus.

The parks,,



The Adda and the Lake

Il Colombé is very near the Lake of Como that, with an area of 146 kmq., is the third Italian lake by extension after the lakes of Garda and Majeur. Its characteristic form of turned upside down Y is given from the three branches of: Colico to north, Lecco to south-east, Como to the south-west, with a total perimetric development of 170Km.

The lake is encircled from mountains among which the highest is the Mount Legnone (2609 m.), over Colico. The affluent water courses are 37, between these the most important is Adda river, followed by the Meria river. The Adda is also the only emissary. It exits from lake in Lecco and, after have formed smalls lakes of Garlate and Olginate, it continues in direction of the Po. The only island of the lake is the Comacina Island, situated in the branch of Como in front of the municipality of Sala Comacina. The Lario lake offers interesting places for visits and tourist trips, with breathtaking panoramas. Not to be loosed the pearls of the lake of Como: Bellagio, Varenna.


Discover Lecco: its territory, its historical, “manzoniane” and naturalistic attractions

Mandello del Lario
Carefully laid down to the feet of the Grigne and opposite to the lake don’t you think this a country from dream?
Mandello is truly and in its history has been capable to express personalities to the top of sport disciplines as water (the canoe) and mount (alpinism). But this is also the city of the Guzzi Motor bike and its richest museum, of the Tower of Maggiana, the Gardata and S. Maria every day goal of the local runners. During the summer period to the wharf of Mandello lake the boats services of lariana navigation is Attraction in the Mandello Lario area ( is the historic and glorious brand Moto Guzzi (
The Grigne mountains ( are the more loved mount group by the citizens of Lecco, but also from Milan ones. In the clear winter days they stands out whitened on the horizon, to north. Who is passionate of mountain cannot make less than to admire the harmonic forms and tray to grow apart a moment from the frenetic day by day life of the city. In the years the Grignetta has become the most ascended mountain among the alpine arc. Generations of hikers and mountain climbers have moved the first steps here. The Grignone instead introduces different depositors and, especially in the winter time, is the kingdom of expert mountain climbers. (



  • Opportunity to visit the classic “Itinerario Manzoniano” - - with qualified tourist guide for foreign languages
  • Excursion in sailing boat on the lake with expert and competent staff.
  • Expert adviser for excursions on wonderful mountains aroud Lecco.
  • Tourist excursions on the lake of Como with boat: Bellagio-Varenna-Como -



  • Many lacustrian sports such as windsurf, katesurf, canoe, water skiing , etc…
  • Trekking on wonderful mountains around Lecco such as the Resegone, the group of the Grigne etc…
  • In winter time white snow slopes for ski at less than an hour by car.
  • In some more then an hour, at the beginning of the Valtellina , we point out the Val of Mello, one of the finest, well known and hospitable valley of the entire Alpine arc, known all over the world like arena of cliff and “free climbing”. (